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Magento 2 is the answer

25 Jul, 2016 by Admin

We have been weighing out the different open source cart solutions to determine which is the best choice to recommend to our existing and future clients. PHP was a requirement, but we did consider Shopify as an alternative. Unfortunately for...

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Zend Framework 3 Released

29 Jun, 2016 by Admin

After years in the making, Zend Framework 3 has finally been released. We at OOMTA are ecstatic with this piece of news. As heavy adopters of the framework, we recommend it to all our enterprise clients as the definitive PHP framework. If you're a...

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Welcome to OOMTA

28 Jun, 2016 by Admin

Welcome to our OOMTA websites, revised for 2016 and beyond (we're probably going to change it in the future, but we do like it now). We are still adding a lot of content, but decided rather than going back in the past and talking about yesterday,...

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